One-Shot: "Assassin Red Riding Hood"

Here’s a wee-bit of stoopid to make up for all the dreary from the last two one-shots.  This is more like a one-shot for Bakeneko’s Lair, but since I reintegrated that, this one-shot appears here.  I like stories that are parodies of Fairy Tales.  This is a short one-shot that appeared in Zero-Sum Ward magazine, so it’s on the shounen side of the manga spectrum. Oh, and it’s only 10-pages! So it’s a quick read :).

Onto the link!

Link to “Assassin Red Riding Hood”: (PDF) (If the PDF doesn’t open in your browser, download the files to your hard drive and openit using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Next up is an even shorter one-shot!  Hahaha!  We’re just stalling for time while we work on longer one-shots and our series.  Hee!  The next long one-shot will be from Kuro Lala!

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