"Detarame Mousouryoku Opera" Chapter 2

Phew! We’re finally done with another Bisco Hatori marathon!  I’d like to thank Amrai for helping me with some of the details of the translation.  I also want to give thanks to Ichigo Stars to suffering through some of the tougher redraws. We only have one more chapter of this series to go!  We’ve begun, but I’m afraid we won’t be done with it for another 7 to 10 days due to the rigors of translation and cleaning :(.  The good thing, though, is that this won’t be looming over our heads after we’re done.

This second chapter is all about gravity, and unfortunately for some of you, I mean gravity as in physics. I found this very strange for a shoujo manga.  For the most part the physics make sense.  It makes me wonder whether Japan gets the US’s Discovery channel “How the Universe Works” show.  The explanations reminded me of what was explained in the episodes about blackholes. Anyhow, I hope this isn’t off-putting for too many of you.  Underlying this, are Hifumi’s concerns about her lack of femininity. I guess I don’t feel she’s that manly, but my calibration for such things may be off considering that I’m mathematically inclined.  The romance…uh…well…haha…I understand Yokuto’s feelings, but I need more convincing with respect to Hifumi’s feelings.

Enough of my yammering.  Onto the link!

Link to “Detarame Mousouryoku Opera” Chp 2: (PDF)

Next up! We are working on “Detarame” Chp 3, the Akiduki Sorata one-shot for Ao Lala, and the next two chapters of “Ojousama no Untenshu”.  I guess it will be a surprise to see which one is ready for release first.

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