Water-Themed One-Shot: "Shima x Dan: My Life with Boys on a Island"

As our proofreader Zenny pointed out, we don’t often do reverse harem projects.  “Ouran” was definitely a reverse harem and “Magnolia” was looking that way, though now it seems to have narrowed down to Ayato and Hugo with Nagi as the suffering third wheel.  Well, here you go! This is definitely are reverse harem, though it seemed to me a few pages in, Minato and one particular guy had already paired off.  Actually, if you look carefully at the title page, you can see one of the guys has already staked his claim.

This is a super-cute one-shot from the pair of mangaka who brought us “The Devil Mansion’s Teacher.”  I wanted to release this last summer, but the summer window closed before we could get anywhere close to being done (crazy redraws). But this year, it’s just in time to provide a little mental summer vacation.

Onto the release!

Link to “Shima x Dan”: (PDF) — OH! This time I crunched the PDF to read right-to-left like it appeared in the magazine. Unfortunately, if you are reading this on an iPad , the pages still “turn” like a left-to-right book. If you do read it online, though, it should open in 2-page format in right-to-left order.

Next up! There’s one more water-themed one-shot left, but I doubt we’ll be able to release it tomorrow.  I’ve decided to pass on the Sakura Tsukuba one-shot “Kizu to Kisu.”  It felt a little too silly for me to get into and I didn’t feel the entertainment pay-off would be there for us considering how much work we would have to put in. Regardless, I imagine one or two of the other shoujo scanlation groups out there are presently working on it, so it won’t go untranslated. For now we are working on “Ojousama no Untenshu,” “Fushigi no Maria-kun,” and the Halloween one-shots :).  Tomorrow Aria magazine should come in so we can begin working on the next chapter of “Magnolia.”

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