"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" Chapter 16 and Epilogue

At last! The final chapter! (And the epilogue!) This is a bitter-sweet occasion for me.  I love finishing projects, but at the same time, I’ll miss the “Kemono Kingdom” characters a lot. Thanks to the Omari’s Sister crew for getting this series done.  A special thanks goes out to Kurohaineko and Martina for the last minute help this month. This acceleration wouldn’t have happened without their help. Also, thanks to Mochi-sensei for giving us all a wonderful story with lovable characters. And thanks to the diehard fans who cheered us along during this final push. Your encourage meant a lot to us.

And now onto the final release! Oh, I will release the high quality JPEGS for all chapters in a week.
Links to “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapter 16 and Epilogue: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up will be “Magnolia” Chapter 19, “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama” Chapter 4, “Pochamani” Chapter 6 and the rest of “Furou Koudai”. April will be “Rex Fabula” acceleration month. We will make the push to finish that series next month, so get ready for some violent fun!

Look out later on this week for some exciting announcements!  Haha! I’m still digesting the information and I don’t want to relay these announcement until I’ve confirmed them (Waiting for Betsuhana to confirm the most exciting news of all). I will do a write-up on the blog and an image based post on Tumblr. Check the Twitter feed and the chatbox for spoilers.

I’m finalizing plans for our 4th anniversary in June.  New oneshots are complicating matters.  If you feel passionately about a certain oneshot or mangaka from any of the magazines I subscribe to, send me an e-mail. I honestly need help prioritizing. There are tooooooo many to choose from.

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