"Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 3

First! a bit of business! New items and books have been added to the Omari’s Sister Store.  Please take a look and see if there are goodies you want to add to your collection. (LINK)

Also exciting announcements were made in earlier posts.  Check them out then squeal with joy.
And now comes the march to finish “Furou Kyoudai”.  All the chapters in the main story are complete, but I’m gonna do daily releases like what was done for KKZoo.

This is an interesting chapter. The Furou twins confront the appearance of incest in their relationship. Their solution is not perfect, but takes care of their main problem.  Haha!

This time Jade translated the chapter. Kudos to her for a great translation! Also thanks to Noir Schist for typesetting. It was nice only having to do the final image editing and a little cleaning (Aki and Kumiko took care of most of it).

Onto the release:
Links to “Furou Kyoudai” Chapter 3: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up are “Furou Kyoudai” chapters 4 and 5.

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