"Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 5 (End)

At last, the final chapter of “Furou Kyoudai”! This wraps up the arc started in chapter 4. As usual with these one volume series, I feel like this first volume was a prelude to a longer story.  I wish this series could have been extended to see what would have happened to the twins if one or both of them fell in love. Regardless, it was a sweet short series and I enjoyed it.

Let’s give a big thanks to Kotomi and Jade for translating the series, Kumiko for working redraw miracles on the series and soon-to-be-released extra stories, Kuro to Shiro Scans and Martina for cleaning the series, and Noir Schist and Holanio for lettering the series.  Oh! and let’s not forget the proofreaders!  Thanks to T and Dango-chan for helping get the series out. Great job everyone! Pat yourselves on the back for another completed series!

There are two short extra stories that are almost ready. They will be released on Monday and Tuesday.

And now onto the release!
Link to “Furou Kyoudai” Chapter 5: (LQZip) (PDF)

Next up after the two extra “Furou Kyoudai” chapters are “Magnolia” Chapter 29, “Pochamani” Chapter 6, and “Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama” Chapter 4.  These should be coming out fairly quickly in the beginning of April.  After that we will begin our effort to complete “Rex Fabula”.

I hope our drive to finish series isn’t driving you nuts. I know it can be tedious to only have a block of releases for one series.  Haha! Imagine how it is for us to work on only one series for an extended period. Anyhow, after “Rex Fabula”, the only hanging series is “Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama” which we are planning to finish in July after our 4th anniversary oneshot party.

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