Short Oneshot: "Because I’ve Always Been Watching" by Hisaya Nakajo

First a plug!  Purely fanservice oneshot “Neko Hiroimashita” (“I Picked up a Cat”) is out on Bakeneko’s Lair.  It’s safe for tweens and up, but just not appropriate for Omari’s Sister. Anyhow… bishies with cat ears in loin clothes doing cute stuff and absolutely no story… have at it!  (LINK)

Hooray! Something new, albeit very short, from Hisaya Nakajo.  Her series “Hana Kimi” was the first manga series I ever purchased. This very short oneshot was a real pain in the behind. Some of the run-on sentence kept making us trip all over keyboards. Haha! Hopefully we’ve wrestling this spunky little oneshot to the ground and subdued it. I wanted to release this with “Netsugen wa Koko” because they are similarly themed… but… well, it just didn’t work out right.  Anyhow, onto the links!
Links to “Because I’ve Always Been Watching”: (Zip) (PDF)

Oh, and I know the page file names are misspelled, so please don’t write comments to me about it, because it doesn’t matter.

Next up, I haven’t decided yet, but it will be a full-length work, so please look forward to it on the 15th at 12:01AM.

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