Oneshot: "Shinigami no Aria" ("The Death God’s Aria") by Mimi Akio

This is Mimi Akio’s debut work, and honestly I’m impressed. It seems that Akio-sensei is very much into music and her love comes through in her works. This oneshot has an opera motif, and the way it’s used is very clever.  I also like the simple and clear drawing style. Both male leads Akio have presented so far have been very much to my liking.  Haha! I guess I won’t say much more, other than I want a Mimi Akio short series NOW. Something based on a ballet would be WONDERFUL.

And now onto the release!
Links to “Shinigami no Aria”: (ZIP) (PDF)

Next up will be some 16-pagers, followed by 4 works by Nao Tsukiji. Nao Tsukiji is like WOW, so please look forward it!

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