New Seinen Series: "Kerberos in the Silver Rain" Chapter 1 by Rira Aikawa (Story) and Berry Star (Illustration)

First of all, I need to take care of a bit of business.  We are in need of proofreaders/QCer’s. If you are interested, go here for more details (LINK) We also need experienced typesetters (LINK).
This is our first seinen project.  I don’t get Heros magazine, so I found out about this series from Naked Ape’s Twitter feed.  Yes, Rira Aikawa from Naked Ape wrote the story.  Base on this, I bought the first volume and ended up reading that first volume late into the night.  This is a really fun series and I love the two male leads Gouto and Leon. This series has lots of action and violence, but the violence isn’t disgusting, so I’m not turned off.  Anyhow, I hope you all give this series a chance, because it’s a nice change of pace from our usual content.
Oh, I decided to debut this on Omari’s Sister because the readership is much greater than Bakeneko’s Lair’s.  The two volumes I’ve seen so far are within the bounds of Omari’s Sister, but if it does get too adult, we will move it to Bakeneko’s Lair. 
Translation Partners —
  • La Noche de Los Caidos — Spanish
  • French — LICENSED (Not accepting any partners)
Again, please give us feedback about the series.  And now onto the release!

Link to “Kerberos in the Silver Rain” Chapter 1: (PDF) (ZIP)

Next up will be “Magnolia” Chapter 34!

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