"Kanojo ni Naru Hi" Chapter 4

There’s one more chapter to go!  I’ll start typesetting it tomorrow, so if all goes well, it will be ready for release around this time Friday (my time) or Saturday morning. There’s a nasty cliffhanger, so I won’t keep you or the proofreaders waiting. 

This chapter addresses the move Mamiya made in chapter 3.  I’m sure the new information will paint a completely different picture of Mamiya and her bold move in chapter 3. I’ve decided to hold off on commenting until the end of series.  I like the comments that have been left so far, and it would seem mean of me reply, seeing as how I know how this all ends.

Onto the release!
Links to “Kanojo ni Naru Hi”: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up is the conclusion of “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” followed by “Magnolia” Chapter 35 and “Pochamani” Chp 9.

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