New Series: "Baraou no Souretsu" ("The Rose King’s Funeral Procession") by Aya Kanno

Update 11/3/2013:  Please download the latest version. There were a bunch of typos in the first version. We apologize for the errors.

I happened to see this advertised while browsing the Princess magazine website last month.  I thought to myself “my Dark Prince!”, and then I read the short preview. That was when I knew we had to take this series on as a project!

This is Aya Kanno’s latest series, and it’s based on William Shakespeare’s play “Richard III”.  So if you want spoilers, go read the play or watch one of the many versions of the play on Netflix, Amazon, or what ever streaming service is available to you.  Many of you know of Aya Kanno from “Otomen”.   Baraou is more like the other Kanno series, while “Otomen” is outlier — albeit it a very successful outlier.  Personally, I prefer the darker works (“Blank Slate” is quite good.)

For those of you worried about the impending hole in your life that will be left by the premature ending of “Magnolia”, fear not! This should fill all of your gender confusion and messed up family drama needs.  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to translating this series.

A big thanks goes out to Ichigo Stars for cleaning up the title page spread.  And a big thanks to Lucy for helping me clean and redraw this first chapter.

And now that I’ve rambled and rambled, let’s get on with the release!
Links to “Baraou no Souretsu” Chapter 1 v2: LICENSED

Next up…hmm…well… quite a few things are closed to being done, so let’s see what shows up!

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