Valentine’s Day Oneshot #4: "Tobenai Washi Ouji" ("The Eagle Prince who Can’t Fly") by Shiori Koharu

It looks like yesterday’s oneshot threw everyone for a loop. I’ve got plenty more train wrecks stockpiled, so be prepared for a wily 2014.  Today though, we’re back to traditional fantasy shoujo with a fairytale.  It’s got a little spunk to it, but I promise this oneshot is full of what you expect.

This oneshot is dedicated to Silver Lunar. She is the first person who joined Omari’s Sister way back many years ago.  She loves birds, and this smart-ass bird prince seemed perfect for her. So thanks to Silver Lunar for years of dedication and for making sure that we translate bird and animal manga :).

And now onto the release!
Links to “Tobenai Washi Ouji”: (PDF) (Zip)

This ends our planned Valentine’s Day oneshot party, but we’ve got a couple more oneshots to blow out this month, so watch out for them.  Next, though, will be “Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another” Chapter 3.

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