"The Ghost Apartment Manager" Chapter 12 and Chapters 1 – 11 Catch Up

I was toying around with releasing this yesterday, and then “Orcs Must Die 2” happened to me and my husband. It’s a simple video game, but it’s so addictive, especially if you have some other people to play with.  That game may ruin my life for the next couple of weeks.

It’s been a while since we released a chapter of “The Ghost Apartment Manager”. It isn’t that I’m not not excited about this series. To the contrary, finishing the series makes feel kinda sad because it’s so good. I’ve decided, though, that we will put more effort into finishing the series. I was kinda hoping that it would get licensed, but since it doesn’t involve a supernatural boyfriend, a harem of supernatural boyfriends, and the main character is male, I’ve given up hope on a licensed version.

I’ve created volume batches for those of you new to the series or if you need a refresher on the series. I hope people unfamiliar with the series give it a try. It really is wonderful. Work on chapters 13 and 14 has already begun, so barring any real life drama, we should be able to crank this series out to the end.

This chapter gets the Tatsumi arc into full swing. It’s nice to see that he’s more than just dogs and running. I’m not sure about the new character Usami. I usually don’t like characters like him because in real life aggressively friendly people scare me.
Links to “The Ghost Apartment Manager” Chapter 12: (PDF) (Zip)
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Next up will either be the extras from volume 1 of “Kanojo ni Naru Hi — Another” or a bunny-love oneshot from Petite Princess magazine.

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