"Danshi Gurashi" Chapter 3

Here’s chapter 3 of “Danshi Gurashi”. I feel like this chapter finally begins the series… and then it abruptly ends. The fourth chapter is more like an extra short story. This should have been a longer running more developed series. I want to know more about Ryouga and Keigo’s friendship and school life. I want to explore friendship amongst young men more. It’s so rare for shoujo to explore male bonds without involving a girl in a love triangle. Guys have great stories about the stupid adventures they have with their male roommates. And guys have feelings of jealousy and loneliness when their best friend starts dating seriously or gets married. I’d like to see that played out in a shoujo or josei series.

Enough of my wishlist, an onto the release!
Links to “Danshi Gurashi” Chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be the final chapter of “Danshi Gurashi”.

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