"Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari" Chapter 3

Get out a couple of tissues, because you’re going to need them for this is chapter, unless you’re Evilnemesis, who I guarantee will be laughing hysterically at the shoujo treacle. I also expect an extremely different reaction from Silverlunar. I’m feeling very:

Even though I’ve read this many times during the translation and editing process, something about this story punches me in the gut and chokes me up every time. The discussion for this chapter is at the  Lovely Manga Blog (LINK)

And now onto the release!

Links to “Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari” Chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be the end of Nemurenu Ou’s main story, and then after that, there is the prequel with the the story that began the curse and a short prologue.

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