"Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari" Extra (End) and Batch Files

If you enjoyed “Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari”, please buy the Japanese version. Give Toki Yajima some love and let Hakusensha know that we want more manga like this. And, since it’s only one volume, it’s not a big commitment. Come on, it’s less than $7 outside of Japan.
ISBN: 9784592195603
Amazon JP / Amazon US (not available yet) / Kinokuniya US ($6.70) / Yes Asia ($6.49)
These are the extras that weren’t in Lala DX, but appeared in the tankoubon release. There is a prequel story and a short epilogue. I hope you enjoyed this series, and I hope we can translate more Toki Yajima in the future. I’m currently evaluating the first chapter of her new Lala DX series. It’s also a fantasy series. There’s also a one volume supernatural series and several oneshots that came out before Nemurenu Ou. Please let me know if there’s something you want translated in the comments. I most likely have it if it was published after 2006.
As for one volume series like this, do you prefer for it to be released as it appears in the magazines, or for us to wait for the tankoubon and release it back-to-back like we did this series?
And now onto the release. The discussion for the extras and the series is on the Love Manga Blog. (LINK)

Links to “Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari” Extras: (PDF) (Zip)

Linds to “Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari” Chp 1 – 4 plus Extras: (PDF) (Zip)
Now that “Bread & Butter” has a new translator, the chapter 5 release will be moved back to early June. Instead, we will catch up on Kanojo ni Naru Hi, Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another, and Sabaku no Harem.

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