Welcome to Crimson Flower’s New Home

I finally migrated Crimson Flower to WordPress. Hopefully the navigation menus and search and discovery features will help you find projects you never were hiding on the Blogger site. The old blog on Blogger will remain live, but no new posts will be made to it. Please update your bookmarks and feeds and consider following the blog via email for news of our latest releases.

Sorry, but there’s no chat on this site, but it’s not like readers used the chat much anyway. You can always talk to me using Twitter, in the comments section, or via Tumblr. Please use e-mail sparingly.

Please leave some feedback in the comments.

17 thoughts on “Welcome to Crimson Flower’s New Home

  1. The new site isn’t bad. Nothing really special, but it’s pretty clean and seems to work.

    I do have a few comments on it though. Mostly about the sidebar.

    The “release posts” section is completely redundant. It has the exact same thing you see in the main section. It’s really weird having it there twice.

    The “pages” section is also redundant, and far enough down that no one will ever see it without scrolling anyway.

    What’s with the “the stuff” section? It seems to just be a list of keywords. What’s the point?

    The “blogroll” section looks like a back end thing. None of that means anything to us end users.

  2. Hi!

    First of all, Thank You so much for all the love, dedication, time and effort you put into scanlating.

    I would like to comment about something that called my attention some days ago, while I was browsing through Crimson Flower’s blog:

    I read a comment about how you had adapted a phrase from Seiten Kickoff, and how one of the members decided to delete it entirely. Isn’t that killing off the mangaka’s writing and the nuances of the character’s personality, because of underestimating shoujo readers? Maybe it’s even supporting readers’ (possible) laziness and lack of curiosity towards learning new things. Nowadays, everybody can google something which they don’t understand (“Google is your friend”).
    Giving that, if anyone doesn’t understand the analogy about incomplete combustion, they can google about the subject.
    And, it’s not as if the whole manga/chapter revolves around Mechanics, so, it should not be hard to google the context to that single phrase. It may even be educational.

    Also, I remember you mentioned a translator’s note. Maybe this could be added at a page after the chapter’s ending, like the way Damn Feels does it with Tsubaki-Chou Lonely Planet.
    If I remember correctly, Kodansha Comics does that too.

    Well, all of these are just suggestions and, I didn’t know if to post it here or in the Lovely Mangas’ blog.

    Anyways, thank you so much for all the great manga with strong and inspiring heroines that you have scanlated. 🙂

    1. The main concern is taking the reader out of the story so they can Google the term. I think what we came up with got across the mangaka’s intent. Do you seriously want a note explaining the chemical process of burning hydrocarbons in a note? It’s far easier to say that a person still has energy left to burn. We aim for zero notes unless it’s something specific to Japanese culture. We did this a lot when we were translating Orange Chocolate. It was necessary to know the various operas and references to temples to understand the story.

  3. New website, yay! I really like it so far.

    – Don’t have to sign up to anything to leave comments. 😀
    – Email follow thing is a great idea, I already signed up.
    – Tag cloud and everything on the sidebar so far seems great.
    – Wallpapers have their own section now so I really hope there will be some new ones. ❤
    – I love the Crimson Flower store, can't wait to pick up some more goodies.
    – When writing this I accidentally hit a link (meant to open it in a new tab) and when I hit the back button my half written comment was still here. Hooray!
    – The Release Schedule page is my new favourite thing. I love being able to find out what's in the works.

    – Title page pictures in the blog post previews and the slideshow on the front page are not showing up as full pages on this site, instead it is cutting off the top and bottom; so it's just the midsection of the page. I worry that it would be off-putting to people that are new to the blog. It's hard to see just how high quality the work is when you only get a glimpse of the page. Also makes it a bit difficult to find mangas if you only remember what the title page looked like (or is it only me that does that? Lol).
    – I feel like the colours in the flowers background are clashing a bit with the title picture up at the top (Kanojo ni Naru Hi). I really like both but together they don't seem to work well. It's only a small thing and if you're happy with it then ignore me.

    Really love the site so far and am looking forward to using it lots. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying the overall structure and usuabiity. That was the goal :).

      I don’t have time to make special images for every release we did in the past, so I just let WordPress do the cropping. From now on I will make an image to fit in the preview. The background is temporary in honor of Crimson Flower; hence the crimson flowers. I tried my best to try to pull in the banner with the accent colors. Hahaha! Oh well… I really tried.

      1. sorry, i tend to use my phone for these things, so I didn’t notice it earlier, thanks for keeping that section alive

        1. Hahaha! No problem. I thought it was pretty funny since the previous comment was talking about the presence of the release schedule. But, yeah it’s there. I like it because it helps keep me honest, plus I get tired of emails asking when something will be released.

          1. well I guess the move has one benefit, on blogspot I’d have to set the page to pc mode to move between the blog and the schedule, over here it seems to have a directory for the mobile version at least.

          2. you wouldn’t know where i’d be able to purchase manga raws, i’ve tried ebay and amazon jp but i can’t seem to find ‘ame nochi hare’ anywhere

          3. The series is in stock on Amazon JP. Just search by the title or the mangaka. Type in the hiragana in the search box and the books come up at the top.

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