October Oneshot #2: “Death Puzzle” by Mako Fukunaga

Satsujin_Puzzle_001I don’t know how this oneshot ended up being in Ciao magazine, a publication aimed at little girls, nor how it’s not the highest level of scary on their horror scale. This oneshot is downright gory and horrifying to me. The sound effects and the some of the Japanese on “box art” was too time consuming and difficult to redraw properly, so they were left in Japanese and subtitled. Anyhow… for those of you who like campy horror, have fun!

Links to “Death Puzzle”: (PDF) (Zip)

Look out for the next October oneshot next week! We’re also starting to work on our regular monthly series, so look out for those too.

4 thoughts on “October Oneshot #2: “Death Puzzle” by Mako Fukunaga

  1. My goodness! I can’t believe this is for little girls! But anyways, I think last year’s (or was it last last year’s?) oneshot about the couple driving in a mountain road was so much worse. Or how about the one the MC gets transformed into a little piggy? That was also terrifying.

    Thanks a lot for this work! Gruesome as it was, it was an interesting read. Somehow, I enjoy this (and most of your previous Halloween-themed oneshots) kind of stories.

  2. Thank you! Could you explain what happened with the heart? I couldn’t figure it out, did it get crushed or something?

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