Christmas Oneshot #5: “Amiami Romance” by Nana Otomo (Version 2)


Update 12/27/2015: Apparently I had a HUGE brainfart on Christmas Eve and forgot to actually put in the proofreaders edits. As a result, an entire page wasn’t lettered. (I blame the eggnog.) I imagine most of you didn’t notice since there was no break in the narrative and the illustrations clearly conveyed Momiji’s feelings. But we must present the complete oneshot! So we did a version 2.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! To everyone else, happy winter! Here’s our final oneshot for the season. This one is both sweet and funny. I hope you enjoy. Yunobe is definitely best shoujo boy of 2015. He’s such a sweetheart!

Links to “Amiami Romance”: (PDF) (Zip)

Crimson Flower will be taking a week off to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Day with our families. We’ll see you again in early January with all your favorite Lala DX and Ane Lala series!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Oneshot #5: “Amiami Romance” by Nana Otomo (Version 2)

    1. Also, the whole “Buy all the manga, especially all the shoujos!! Shoujo manga completes your life.” made me think I was being brainwashed 😛

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