“The Ice Queen” (“Koori no Joou”) Chapter 3


I’m sorry for the long wait on this. The releases planned for January were SUPER text dense, so everything took twice as long to complete. The regular releases are the priority, so we’ll be cutting it close with respect to the start of the Valentine’s Day oneshot releases.

Anyhow, this chapter begins the main story of the series. Like I said before, Nika’s story is kind of like a prologue. Since I’ve already read the series, it was pretty funny reading the internal group comments on this chapter. Everyone’s expecting the typical shoujo story progression. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I am so eager to get to chapter 5.

Enough of my teasing. Let’s get on with the release!

Links to “The Ice Queen” Chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be “Seishun Away” (formerly “Seiten Kickoff”) Chapter 3 followed by “Hana ni, Kamitsuku” Chapter 2. After that we will have our February oneshots!

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