“Sabaku no Harem” Chapter 16


Happy Holidays! My brain is mush, so I’ll just release this without fanfare.

Updated 12/27/2016: One little wording change for a more precise translation on page 17. It doesn’t change the story.

Links to “Sabaku no Harem” Chapter 16: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up is more “Sabaku no Harem”!

4 thoughts on ““Sabaku no Harem” Chapter 16

  1. Hello!
    That might be a bit late, but still, Happy new year to you all! And thanks for all your hard work!
    Well, I’m a bit embarassed for asking you this, but since you’ve translated many of my favorite series, I’ll give a try anyway… Since you focus on shojo, is there a chance of you picking the manga serialization of Ozmafia? It’s only three volumes, and the first one was already scanlated by other group, but they decided to drop it some months ago, and since then no other group seemed to be interested on it, even though it’s such a nice story. Also, I don’t think that the chances of it ever being licensed in English are high… So, maybe, if your schedules aren’t too tight, just maybe, you could consider adding it to your future projects? I hope I’m not being rude for suggesting it. I will fully understand if you refuse. Thanks anyway, and I’m anticipating all the awesome releases you’ll surely bring on 2017!

    1. We have too many unfinished series right now to take on anything new. We also have a bunch of series on our to-do list, so we aren’t taking requests now. Also, we don’t take on series like Ozmafia. We are not interested in manga based off of dating sims or Otome Games. I think a group that already translates manga based on dating sims would be more suited to do the translation.

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