We are Dropping “Sabaku no Harem”

We at Crimson Flower feel that we can no longer continue “Sabaku no Harem”. We are not staffed to do endless shoujo and the series is swamping all of our time (and sucking my energy) and preventing us from doing oneshots and other short series. I feel that it’s best to cut clean from the series so some other group can take it on if they want to.  Also, it has gotten to the point that I dread the end of month, which is never good because it causes me to procrastinate.

Moving on, unshackled by “Sabaku” we’ve already begun work on completing “Koori no Joou” (The Ice Queen). The last two chapters will be released this week. We are also working on some oneshots. I feel the need to do some unconventional and gender-bender oneshots and short stories. After all, it’s what we’re known for. Needless to say, I’ve been very happy these past few days working on The Ice Queen and the oneshot “Bishonen”.  Hopefully we’ll be a lot more productive and attract some new members. (We need letterers!) AND… once again, I will do my best to steer clear of series that could become endless. (Best to do that by only working on series that are complete in Japanese.)

I will write up detailed summaries of Sabaku chapter 25 and 26 (or to the end of the current arc) so you won’t be left hanging if the series doesn’t get picked up by another group quickly.

Thanks to all of you who have come along this far with us reading “Sabaku no Harem”. Hopefully the series will find a new home soon or, even better, get licensed in English.

39 thoughts on “We are Dropping “Sabaku no Harem”

    1. Chapter 25 was the final nail in the coffin for the series. We were looking for a good place to drop it either way because we don’t want to do endless shoujo. Also there are other projects that we’ve put off for over a year to do Sabaku, and even at that, we could never keep up with the series.

      I’m sure another group will pick up the series😊 No worries!

      1. I understand your concern. Good luck and thank you. I hope someone will pick the series up fast. I’ll be fine waiting for the next update. But I’ll find the raws so I know what will happen next! Or do you know somewhere I can read the raws? Hehehe 😁

        1. ok earlier i’m really really really curious why this manga series isn’t updating chapters anymore. I really love the plot and now i just found out that they dropped it 😷 i hope someone knows where can i read the raw and someone else pick this up 😶

    2. I’ve been wondering why a new chapter hasn’t been released yet. I feel like crying. I hope to God somebody picks it up TT_TT
      Thanks for your hardwork! TTwTT

  1. No….. T^T
    Are you sure to drop Sabaku no Harem???!!!
    It’s so great to read, and I’ve been patiently waited for updates, please don’t drop it… Or you might make sure if there is other party willing to take over this manga T^T

  2. That stinks but hey what can you do? It’s a LOT of work to do this-especially when you’re not getting paid. I’m sure it will be picked up soon by another site since it’s pretty well received and liked. Thanks for all the chapters you did and I hope your schedule improves load-wise and you find a new series you’ll love working on ^^

    1. The redraws took WEEKS and the getting double-kidnapped in the same arc was just one too many kidnappings. Seriously, every arc is Mishe gets kidnapped or some man threatens to take Mishe away from Kallum (who kidnapped her). It’s like some demented otome game to see which Mishe/kidnapper-abuser ship readers like best.

      To be honest, the series should have ended shortly after the pirate arc. I think Mishe’s clever plan should have been enough to make her wife material. Even getting the Queen’s blessing would have been a good place to stop. We almost dropped at the end of the pirate arc because moving to Lala usually means the series has transitioned to endless shoujo.

      I’m glad readers are taking it well. I was worried about getting rude email. I imagine it won’t be abandoned for long. But to be honest, at least according to the statistics on this blog, the series isn’t popular, but that could be because most folks read it on an aggregator.

  3. This makes me happy b/c I couldn’t really get into Sabaku. I liked reading the short series/oneshots you guys did. I’m really excited to read the rest of Ice Queen!

  4. At first I was like: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! After thinking about it for a bit though I have to admit that I was losing interest in it anyway. I follow a couple of manga like Skip Beat that are never going to end already, I really don’t want another one. Thank you for offering to do the summaries for the last couple of chapters of this arc. I’ll read those and then I think I’ll drop it too. Going back to college today, and it’s hard to keep up with ongoing manga, so I’m looking forward to seeing the occasional one shot from ye again. I hope you don’t get too much hate over the decision, at the end of the day I’d rather see ye drop a manga than get fed up and lose motivation to work in anything. Thank you for everything ye do! 💜

    1. Instant morale improvement within the group now that we’ve dropped Sabaku. We really aren’t the types to do endless shoujo. Short series and oneshots fit this group better.

  5. Sabaku was fun for awhile, but it really has been dragging recently. I’m kinda happy that you’re dropping it to be honest. I’ve really missed your oneshots and short series! 😀

  6. WORST news EVER!! It’s SUCH a great story, like literally the only shoujo I follow (next to Niehime…). Oh maaan 😦 Could you maybe only finish this storyline? It’s in the very middle of it, just a few more chapters, and then drop it, if you have to. But don’t end it with such a horrible cliffhanger 😦

    1. No. We have decided not to use our time on this series. As the person who did most of the work on the series, it was killing my will to fan translate. I will not go back to it. The group agrees with my decision and we are all looking forward to getting back to oneshots and short series. I will provided summaries of chapter 25 and 26 after I get chapter 26. A summary of chapter 25 has been posted to the group’s Twitter @CrimsonFlowerRe Hopefully another group will pick up this series soon.

  7. Thanks for the information. You don’t happen to know where to find the Raws, do you? I tried to find Ch.25 in raw, but I don’t succeed at all. And I can’t buy it from where I live 😦
    And to your decision – well, it’s yours. And if you are no longer in the mood, then it’s all well (I even kinda get what you mean, it is a bit annoying with Mishe right now), but stiiiill… in such a moment xD that’s killing me. Maybe you could just provide us with the raws until this arc is closed :/?
    And now I’ll go check out the summary at least!
    Thanks for your work so far anyhow 😀

    1. You can buy electronic versions of the raws from directly from Hakusensha. There are no region locks. There’s the link to the store: https://www.hakusensha-e.net/ You can view the chapter on your PC or tablet. The chapters are $1 and the volumes are $4.

      We do not post raws on this website because it directly hurts sales of the manga in Japan.

  8. This is some really bad news for me, but it’s your time. This was becoming one of my favourite series and I was checking back for updates. I hope another group will pick this up by seeing how many fans it has.

    Thank you for scanning it until now!

  9. So after writing a comment on bread and butter , I came over to Sabaku no harem to re-read and catch up on a chapter i just missed recently due to school. This makes me sad that you are dropping this manga. I do not wish for you to get burn out and not want to translate and scan manga anymore. So I am okay with the decision because I would prefer the group of people who dedicate their time to be happy about there work and not feel like it is a chore. Thank you on all the hard work and I hope to see some great new series in the future.

  10. huhuhu! What a bad news but it’s okay, I understand. I salute you for the good work! I am hoping that another group will pick this up soonest time, I am so excited what will happen in the next chapter. I am really a big fan of this.

    Thank you for the great effort!

  11. aww… now ya’ll aren’t scanlating any series I like. Looks like I’m going to have to put aside some money to buy the raws and TRY to translate as I read.

  12. U sure?? Ive been waiting for updates! Plsss we need the continuation!i know that its hard but plsssssss….the readers are begging u!!!!!!!!!the continuation plsss!😭💔a heartbreak

  13. Huhuhu.. If the times come that u are done translating with the other series.. Pls dont forget sabaku no harem.. GREAT JOB! BRAVO! EXCELLENT! 😭

  14. its almost 6 months, but the project is still in status quo T_T
    i hope u would reconsider to raise it again,
    anw thanks for your hardwork, really appreciate it

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