Halloween Oneshot #3: Vampire no Okurimono (The Vampire’s Gift)


I wanted to release the truly scary oneshot on Halloween, but RL got in the way, so we’ll release it later this week. Instead here’s a romantic oneshot from one of my favorite new mangaka, Mimi Akio. I hope you enjoy it!

Links to “The Vampire’s Gift”: (PDF) (Zip)

The next oneshot will be one of those “this is for little kids how?” oneshots from Horror Ciao. Please look forward to it.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Oneshot #3: Vampire no Okurimono (The Vampire’s Gift)

  1. Are you sure this wasn’t a valentine’s day oneshot? Could’ve fooled me, almost.

    Speaking of the Mangaka, I felt like the art was oddly familiar. Checked on MU… Releases I’ve read under your group’s old name “1597 days ago”
    Another time sure flies moment for me, it seems to be happening more frequently the older I get.

    1. It was difficult to find oneshots for this year. I haven’t much time to read shoujo for a couple of years now because RL keeps coming at me or I get distracted by a video game, so I’m not as current as I want to be. But given what I have seen, there hasn’t been much boundary pushing shoujo for at least two years (which may also be feeding my apathy. It’s like typical high school shoujo came back with a VENGENCE.) So I had to rely on what I already collected. We pretty much blew our load in 2015, meaning that these are the sloppy seconds. Haha! I got some new to me shoujo horror anthologies at the beginning of October, so hopefully we’ll have more suitably “Halloween” content next year — although, so far, the oneshots I’ve been reading are like crappy pre-teen Nickelodeon horror show ideas :(. I think The Witch who Wears Flower Petals and Rose are closer to oneshots I like for Halloween. The last one, which I’m completing now, is VERY campy.

      On the flip side of that, I’ve got a CRAP ton of Valentine’s Day oneshots. It’s going to be hard to filter down to the ones I like the most so I can prioritize.

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