“Harumachi Zakura no Mau Koro ni” by Miu Morishita


No, we didn’t fall off a cliff. Rather, RL happened and too many redraws. Speaking of redraws, I’d like to give special thanks to Zy and Trix who got this project jump started by doing a lot of the redraws.

This oneshot was supposed to be part of our Halloween oneshot party, but we ran out time. I think it’s a good thing though because this oneshot works better as a spring oneshot than a Halloween oneshot.

And now onto the release!

Links to “Harumachi Zakura no Mau Koro ni”: (Zip) (PDF)

We have another oneshot coming up as soon as we finish the redraws, so look out for it! After that, we will get back to “Seishun Away”!

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