"Lip Smoke" Chapter 2

“Lip Smoke” is more than just a oneshot! It’s currently being serialized in The Hana to Yume, which is a quarterly publication (once every 3 months).  The next The Hana to Yume is coming out on October 26th. This series is a pain to clean, so it’ll be release about a month after we get the raw.  Please don’t send e-mails, comments, or Tweets about where the next chapter is, because we have nothing to do with the Japanese quarterly release schedule.

This chapter continues shortly after the first oneshot. For me, this chapter raised questions about Iwato’s relationship with her father. I’m now curious about that and I hope it’s explored in following chapters. I guess the psychology is that women who were neglected by their fathers, may seek a father figure in a boyfriend.

Seta is interesting because “father” is the natural the role he assumes. I didn’t really expect this since he’s an erotic fiction writer. But it seems that he has a clear idea of what is and isn’t appropriate and used the “father” role to impose a wall between himself and Iwato..  But by the end of this chapter, I started to suspect editor-san is trying to help Seta get over something.  So what happened in Seta’s past.  Why does he only write instead of experiencing relationships directly without having to pay a woman for a service?

I’ve probably already said too much and I’m sorry to people who don’t like that.  Anyhow, on to the release!
Links to “Lip Smoke” Chapter 2: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up is the rest of “Kanojo ni Naru Hi”!

Oh! The theme of the next The Hana to Yume is “Forbidden”… yeeks! I’m a little scared for the next chapter of “Lip Smoke”.

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