Yukarism is Licensed in the US!!!! W00t!!!!

Since I get this question at least twice a week and I’m tired of answering at least twice a week.——————- (March 14, 2014) Great news from Shojo Beat this morning! “Yukarism” has been licensed! This means that we will remove the files from our server and retire the series. The volume 1 will be available in December.  Everyone please support Chika Shiomi by purchasing the series! Continue reading Yukarism is Licensed in the US!!!! W00t!!!!

Check out my Lovely Manga Blog

As some of you know, I transformed one of my old blogs into a new shoujo and josei manga focused (non-scanlation) blog. It’s called “Lovely Manga“. The URL is http://lovelymangas.com/ So far I’ve been posting reviews for both licensed and unlicensed manga, writing my perspective on Crimson Flower releases, posting manga related news and commentary, and posting highlights from the magazines I get. Within the magazine highlight postings, sometimes I post PDFs of the summary Tweets of the oneshots and series I read in the magazines, but do not scanlate.  I’m thinking about writing separate formal summaries for the series … Continue reading Check out my Lovely Manga Blog

Infrequent Series Announcement

With the ending of the Haruca anthology, the future of “A Pair of Blue Wings” is unknown. The series was already on a twice-per-year release schedule. Until the series is complete, we will put that project on hiatus. “Harapekona Majo” and “Tiny Mermaid Matters” are also infrequent series, so until those series have enough chapters built up to be coherent, we will put them on hiatus also. From now on, we will not take on any infrequent series until they are done because it’s too frustrating to remember what happens from chapter to chapter while they are in serialization. Continue reading Infrequent Series Announcement

New Blog — Kuroneko’s Lovely Mangas

I’ve decided to make the Crimson Flowers blog a scanlation only blog. Therefore I pulled all the non-scanlation posts over to a new blog and started posting on that blog tonight. The blog is called “Kuroneko’s Lovely Mangas”. Here’s the link. The main focus of this blog will be anime and manga reviews, series and oneshot summaries, and shoujo and josei manga news. The first new post has just been posted here. It covers highlights from Betsuhana issue 1/2015. Continue reading New Blog — Kuroneko’s Lovely Mangas

Regarding Kaoru Ichinose’s Works

We get questions from time to time about whether we are translating works from Kaoru Ichinose. We are. We have a couple of lost and untranslated works from her days at Hakusensha and there are two recent long form oneshots, one of which just came out last month. We are concentrating on the long-form oneshots for now. Each is 123 pages long, so please be patient with us. Top priority is the follow up to  “Hajimari wa Suna no Ichiya”.  The latest one is called “Tensai Gakusha ni Koishitara” (“If I fall in love with a Genius”). We have the … Continue reading Regarding Kaoru Ichinose’s Works

Planning for 2014 — Thanks for your Input

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback through the survey and especially to those who took the time to write thoughtful comments.  We understand that the readers of this blog want more josei, while not neglecting shoujo. We understand that you come to this blog to read something different than the typical middle school and high school shoujos.  And we got the message loud and clear that you like oneshots and short series. First of all, we still have some typical shoujos in the pipeline.  We will complete these projects and then move on. These projects include: “Ore to Atashi … Continue reading Planning for 2014 — Thanks for your Input