Comments Inquiring About Release Dates will be Rejected

From now on, all comments with inquiries about release dates will be rejected.  There is a detailed release schedule page on this blog to look at if you want to know when releases will occur.  The link is here or near the top of the first column of the right side panel on this blog. Note: The release dates at the end of manga are the dates the manga comes out in Japanese and not English. (comment for this posting are closed) Continue reading Comments Inquiring About Release Dates will be Rejected

Comments to My Blog

I appreciate all comments to my blog, however, I will only publish comments that are constructive. I did receive a comment about the anime series “Kiba” which I liked up to the point in which the commenter criticized me personally. I am entitled to my own opinion as is each and every person. Because I felt this person gave valuable feedback and a valid review of his or her own, I will publish their comment below sans the inappropriate off-topic and non-productive personal criticism. I, also, would invite that commenter to continue the conversation with me, but to please remember … Continue reading Comments to My Blog