Valentine’s Day Oneshot: “Sakasama no Kimi” (“Upside-down You”) by Ayu Kitazato

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a cute short oneshot to celebrate the occasion! With this, we kick off our February oneshot releases. We have 3 more oneshots planned.  I updated the schedule and moved two of the oneshots to April where … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Oneshot: “Sakasama no Kimi” (“Upside-down You”) by Ayu Kitazato

"Magnolia" Chapter 38 (End)

This feels like the end of an era for Crimson Flowers.  We started “Magnolia” 3-1/2 years ago with the very first issue of Aria magazine. I can’t believe that we actually completed a 38-chapter series from start to finish!  First of all, many thanks to Naked Aped for creating such a wonderful series.  Please show your thanks to Naked Ape by purchasing the tankoubons. They are beautiful high quality compilations with lots of extras that I think fans will really enjoy.  Links to purchase are on the “Magnolia” project page HERE. There are also two drama CDs available for purchase. … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 38 (End)

"Magnolia" Chapter 37

Here is the penultimate chapter of “Magnolia”. This chapter covers Sui’s birth and childhood and explains the rumor Robert confronted Sui with at the tea party.  Sui’s story hurt my heart and makes me question the lies parents tell their children. But in the end, I think there are circumstances that are best hidden until children are grown. Anyhow… all is forgiven, Sui. I understand you’re crazy possessive ways now.  This chapter also begins the resolution of Nagi x Ayato. I think Nagi x Ayato fans will be okay with how the situation is dealt with in this chapter and … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 37

"Wild Wing" Chapter 3 (end)

Happy New Year!  And now the final chapter of “Wild Wing”.  This started out as a oneshot in Shiro Lala 2011.  A few months later it became a short series that ran in Lala DX.  A big thanks to Jade for her wonderful translation and to Silver Lunar who cleaned the entire series.  Also thanks for Aricania who took time out of her winter break to typeset the rest of this series and “LLLL”. If you like this series, please show your support with your dollars! Here are some links to purchase: Purchase: Amazon JP / Yes Asia ($6.99!) And … Continue reading "Wild Wing" Chapter 3 (end)

"LLLL" Chapter 4 (End) + Extras!!!

(W00t! Another series completed!!!!) Here’s the final chapter of “LLLL”!  Again, many thanks to Aricania for marathon typesetting.  She did a beautiful job.  Also thanks to the Peonine for her wonder translation, Zenny for script editing, and Akire, Julia, Silver Lunar, Lucy, Kumiko, and Ichigo Stars for cleaning and redrawing the series. This was such a lovely series and the extras topped it all off. I really liked the gentleness of the story and the artwork. I would love to see a live-action or animated adaptation of this short series. Because I liked this series so much, I’m looking into … Continue reading "LLLL" Chapter 4 (End) + Extras!!!