"Magnolia" Chapter 38 (End)

This feels like the end of an era for Crimson Flowers.  We started “Magnolia” 3-1/2 years ago with the very first issue of Aria magazine. I can’t believe that we actually completed a 38-chapter series from start to finish!  First of all, many thanks to Naked Aped for creating such a wonderful series.  Please show your thanks to Naked Ape by purchasing the tankoubons. They are beautiful high quality compilations with lots of extras that I think fans will really enjoy.  Links to purchase are on the “Magnolia” project page HERE. There are also two drama CDs available for purchase.

Purchase —
Volume 1: Amazon JP/ YesAsia
Volume 2: Amazon JP/ YesAsia
Volume 3: Amazon JP/ YesAsia
Volume 4: Amazon JP/ YesAsia
Volume 5: Amazon JP/ Yes Asia
Volume 6: Amazon JP/ Yes Asia
Volume 7: Amazon JP/ Yes Asia

Next, thanks to all the cleaners, redraws artists, and proofreaders/QCers who worked on the project over the years. Thanks to all of you, we were able to do some wonderful releases! And finally, thanks to the readers who supported the series and shared thoughts in the comments section. I had a lot of fun sharing and talking about “Magnolia” with you.

I thought this series would run at least 10 volumes, so I’m sad to see that it was suddenly cut short at 38 chapters.  I’m happy to have an ending rather than no ending, but even with this ending, not all the strings are tied. I hope to there is a special chapter released at some point to tie these loose ends. Anyhow, Naked Ape’s new series will start next spring. We will, of course, evaluate the series.

As a final note, we will remove the links and the files from our servers if “Magnolia” is licensed in English and available in the US. It is our hope that “Magnolia” is licensed so we all can enjoy a professional translation and English book presentation.

And now onto the final chapter!
Links to “Magnolia” Chapter 38 (end): (PDF) (Zip)

I will put up batch files soon. They will be available through the project page.

Next up will be “Kanojo ni Naru Hi — Another” Chapter 2, followed by “Pochamani” Chapters 10 and 11.

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