Fushigi no Maria-kun Chp 3

Tonight was anime night and I was wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to post this tonight at all, so I did a quick post earlier.  Now I have time to write a full post. This is the third chapter for “Fushigi no Maria-kun” and this time we get to see matters from Maria’s perspective.  My gosh is Maria sweet and huggable!  I liked translating this chapter a lot.  Maria’s inner monologues are beautifully written in Japanese.  I hope I was able to translate some of that beauty into English.  Shiina Dai never ceases to amaze me … Continue reading Fushigi no Maria-kun Chp 3

Fushigi no Maria-kun Chapter 2

Once again, “Fushigi no Maria-kun” proves to be our most difficult series to typeset.  Hopefully we caught all of the errors.  Anyhow…Maria and Toko continue on with their evolving relationship.  I really like how this chapter shows us the weirdness that happens when a childhood friendship starts to blossom into something more.  I like how the vampirism isn’t the focus of the story, but rather the backdrop.  I also like how the story is staying focused on Toko and Maria.  I must admit that I love this kind of innocent sweetness. Onto the links!  Links to “Fushigi no Maria-kun” Chapter … Continue reading Fushigi no Maria-kun Chapter 2

Series Debut: "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chp 1

  At last!  Phew!  Getting this first chapter together was quite a struggle!  Every page had at lease one crazy redraw, so let’s give praise and thanks to Silver Lunar, Ichigo Stars, and Kumiko for working so hard to get this release done!  Here’s a quick summary from the inner flap: “Ordinary high school girl, Nanami Tokuko’s childhood friend, Abe Maria, is the world’s last pureblood vampire!!  For 10 years,Tokuko has been encouraging him to become a part of humansociety, and since then, Maria has come to love humans. As such,Tokuko happily watches over Maria.  This couple’s story isthe world’s … Continue reading Series Debut: "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chp 1

Fushigi no Maria-Kun Preview!

Here’s a preview of our newest series, “Fushigi no Maria-kun”!  This is a 9 chapter series by Shiina Dai, the same artist who brought us “World End Garden“, which is my favorite one-shot of all time!  Like “World End Garden” is series has a good range of emotions (though it doesn’t reach the gloomy depths of WEG) and a richly complex relationship between to the two main characters.  I’m really looking forward to releasing the first chapter.  So, to get you ready for what’s in store, here’s a preview of the first chapter! (Please forgive any errors you may find.  … Continue reading Fushigi no Maria-Kun Preview!