Fushigi no Maria-kun Chapter 2

Once again, “Fushigi no Maria-kun” proves to be our most difficult series to typeset.  Hopefully we caught all of the errors.  Anyhow…Maria and Toko continue on with their evolving relationship.  I really like how this chapter shows us the weirdness that happens when a childhood friendship starts to blossom into something more.  I like how the vampirism isn’t the focus of the story, but rather the backdrop.  I also like how the story is staying focused on Toko and Maria.  I must admit that I love this kind of innocent sweetness.

Onto the links!

 Links to “Fushigi no Maria-kun” Chapter 2:  (Zip) (PDF — mobile and tablets)

Next up is the second of our fall one-shots from Kuro Lala.  It is call “Girl on a Platter” and it’s by Meca Tanaka (“Pearl Pink” and “Faster than a Kiss”).  Like most Meca Tanaka works, this one-shot is very sweet, but with a very pervy undertone.  A lot of the perviness is evident in the Japanese.  I hope I’m able to translate it well in English without overshadowing the central story, which is very much Shiina Dai’s “World End Garden“.

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