"Magnolia" Chapter 38 (End)

This feels like the end of an era for Crimson Flowers.  We started “Magnolia” 3-1/2 years ago with the very first issue of Aria magazine. I can’t believe that we actually completed a 38-chapter series from start to finish!  First of all, many thanks to Naked Aped for creating such a wonderful series.  Please show your thanks to Naked Ape by purchasing the tankoubons. They are beautiful high quality compilations with lots of extras that I think fans will really enjoy.  Links to purchase are on the “Magnolia” project page HERE. There are also two drama CDs available for purchase. … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 38 (End)

"Magnolia" Chapter 37

Here is the penultimate chapter of “Magnolia”. This chapter covers Sui’s birth and childhood and explains the rumor Robert confronted Sui with at the tea party.  Sui’s story hurt my heart and makes me question the lies parents tell their children. But in the end, I think there are circumstances that are best hidden until children are grown. Anyhow… all is forgiven, Sui. I understand you’re crazy possessive ways now.  This chapter also begins the resolution of Nagi x Ayato. I think Nagi x Ayato fans will be okay with how the situation is dealt with in this chapter and … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 37

"Magnolia" Chapter 36

Here’s “Magnolia” Chapter 36.  I thought this was going to be an arc about the King and Ayato, but I guess it isn’t.  Rather, it’s just follows Ayato and his buddies through the aftermath of the masquerade party. To my surprise, Hollier is a hardcore shipper.  I was laughing heartily at the panels where she appears.  Hollier is a good girl. I wish the best for her. Alexandra owns my heart. I really like him. Go with your heart, you beautiful man!  Ah Hugo… Hee! Finally, the drawing of him I’ve been waiting for and it’s cute! Hee! There’s hope … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 36

"Magnolia" Chapter 35

This chapter confuses me quite a bit, but I wonder if I’m the only who found it a bit inconsistent with past chapters in the stories.  This is the biggest problem I’m having: And… Soooo… without spoiling what comes ahead.  I’ll just say, “WTF, Vincent?”  Anyhow, I’m very scared about the possibility this chapter opens, and hope it won’t go down the typical shoujo route because it would negate too much of the previous story, the fundamental mechanic of the “Magnolia”, and be untrue to the characters as laid out so far — mainly it makes the King looks very … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 35

"Magnolia" Chapter 34

This chapter ends the Masquerade party arc and now we move on to examining the fallout of Ayato’s decision.  According to Naked Ape’s Twitter feed, the next arc will center around the King.  I guess we’re going to get to the question of succession and more about what Vincent is up to. Anyhow… Sui apparently likes to touch everyone. He’s creeptastic and confusing. Does he in anyway like Robert? Or is he only using Robert? Hugo… hmm… I don’t know what to make of him. He’s looks a little love sick at the end of this chapter. Welp, that’s enough … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 34

"Magnolia" Chapter 33

With this chapter, we are caught up again to the Japanese release of this series.  Just to set your expectations correctly, this is a monthly series that runs in Aria magazine. Aria releases every month on the 28th. The story takes a big leap forward with this chapter.  Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of  beating around the bush.  Now that we’ve spent time exploring each possibility for Ayato and establishing that Ayato has no interest in girls, we can move onto the next arc.  What that will be about is tough to say because there are many possibilities.  … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 33