Long-Form Oneshot: "Jinrou Chronicle" Part 2 (and Batch File)

Title: Jinrou ChronicleArtist/Author: Lay MutsukiPublisher: Kadokwawa ShotenPublication: AsukaISBN:  978494128113Purchase: Amazon JP/ YesAsia ($8.99 and Free Shipping with $25 purchase)—————————-I made this into a combined project page since Blogger only allows 20 pages. Isn’t the cover pretty? If you enjoyed this oneshot, I encourage you to buy the book. It’s only $8.99, and if you buy $25 worth of stuff from Yes Asia, the shipping is free! It’s a wonderful opportunity to purchase books from some of the series you’ve read on this blog and directly show your appreciation to the original artists. You can search both Yes Asia and Amazon … Continue reading Long-Form Oneshot: "Jinrou Chronicle" Part 2 (and Batch File)

Oneshot: "Jinrou Chronicle" Part 1

Continuing on with our Fall releases, here is the first part of “Jinrou Chronicle”, a 2-part long form oneshot.  The second part will be released next week. I’ve been working on this oneshot as pet project for several months. It’s a lovely story about brothers, family, and monstrous wolves. Hahaha! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Onto the release!Links to “Jinrou Chronicle” Part 1: (PDF) (Zip) Next up… hmm I don’t know what yet, but we are close to finishing “Pochamani” Chp 9, “Nanatsu no Kururi” Chp 2, and a couple of oneshots. Random Thought — … Continue reading Oneshot: "Jinrou Chronicle" Part 1