Long-Form Oneshot: "Jinrou Chronicle" Part 2 (and Batch File)

Title: Jinrou Chronicle
Artist/Author: Lay Mutsuki
Publisher: Kadokwawa Shoten
Publication: Asuka
ISBN:  978494128113

Purchase: Amazon JP/ YesAsia ($8.99 and Free Shipping with $25 purchase)
I made this into a combined project page since Blogger only allows 20 pages. Isn’t the cover pretty?

If you enjoyed this oneshot, I encourage you to buy the book. It’s only $8.99, and if you buy $25 worth of stuff from Yes Asia, the shipping is free! It’s a wonderful opportunity to purchase books from some of the series you’ve read on this blog and directly show your appreciation to the original artists. You can search both Yes Asia and Amazon JP with the ISBN. Please contact me (crimsonflowerscans@gmail.com) if you need help with either website.

Here’s the final part of this long-form oneshot. A big thanks to Peonine and Jade for helping me with the translation, Ichigo Stars for some very nice redraws, and the proofreaders for slogging through 152 pages of my typos.

I really enjoyed this oneshot. I’m glad it was given the chance to be told in 150+ pages, which allowed for deep character development and rich storytelling.  I really love Chihiro and Naoyuki.  They are wonderful brothers and their bond is beautiful. There were many panels from this oneshot showing beautiful brotherly love. I really liked how they weren’t afraid to comfort each other through this awful ordeal.  Their father… he’s a character I want to punch — HARD. But I’m glad he stayed true to his character even though the end of the story. A wolf is a wolf is wolf…

And now onto the release!

Links to “Jinrou Chronicle” Part 2: (PDF) (Zip)
Links to “Jinrou Chronicle” Part 1 and 2 Batch: (PDF) (Zip

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