We are Recruiting all Positions

Crimson Flowers is ramping up! We’re working on fall and winter oneshots and finishing up some of our delayed series.  Right now, we are working with a skeleton crew, but if we can get some cleaning, redrawing, and lettering help, we can increase the number of releases we do.  Please see the recruitment page for details! Note: If you are thinking about applying to become a translator, please keep in mind that we want people who will be able to produce scripts that don’t need extensive rewrites. Putting it another way, we need people who are fluent in American English. Continue reading We are Recruiting all Positions

Current Recruitment is for J to E Translators and Redraw Artists

Thanks to everyone’s who has written to me about wanting to join the group. We are currently staffed to capacity in all areas, however, I would like to have another skilled Japanese to English translator to help with translation QC in order to take some of the pressure off Jade and myself. We are looking for someone who is comfortable without furigana and who knows some current Japanese slang speech. Though we are currently fully staffed, we are also always looking for skilled redraw artists in case a redraw heavy project comes our way. Applicants for both positions will be … Continue reading Current Recruitment is for J to E Translators and Redraw Artists