VB Rose ?

I got a comment from Zing Mei this morning requesting VB Rose translation. Volumes 1 -5 are out in English from Tokyo Pop. I checked for volume 6 on Amazon and it looks like the manga is being discontinued. Scanning the web quickly, it looks like Tokyo Pop is having some problems and has restructured and changed strategy, though, I’m not sure what to – their website, though “Flashy,” is nearly unusable. Plus, they’ve even discontinued some of their top selling titles (“Karin” for instance — and there is only one more volume left !!!???) Anyhow, back to V.B. Rose … though “lovely”, there’s not much of a story beyond the 1st volume, so I don’t think I can do a 9 volume grind through a dense manga that doesn’t interest me that much. However, that said, perhaps a translation group will pick up of the manga now that the rights are in limbo. I do know how it ends, though, …

7/31 pages of Ouran chp 71 translated last night …

4 thoughts on “VB Rose ?

  1. Oh. It was dense? I’m sorry. I heard from others in forums that the story starts okay and gets weird in the middle. Thank you anyways! 😀

  2. @ xing mei: I mean “dense” as in there are a lot of words on the page. In other words it will take a long time for me with my current knowledge of Japanese to translate this manga series. I am getting faster, but I’m not fast enough to take on that manga series.

  3. @nezu: Yes, I received notice from Amazon that the release date is now in October. However, past history with Tokyo Pop doesn't instill much confidence in me that the series will be continued. I guess we will find out in October.

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