"Servamp" has been licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment

W00t! Another OS/CF series has been licensed! I’m happy to see so many of the series we’ve championed get licensed! The first volume will release in March 2015. Here is some more information from Seven Seas Entertainment (LINK). If you enjoyed this series, please purchase the licensed version and support Tanaka Strike and Seven Seas! We will now remove “Servamp” from our server, like we always do when a series get licensed. Continue reading "Servamp" has been licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment

Where to read manga online LEGALLY

I’ve been stewing on this post for a while, but RL and excitement at MU got in the way.  Finally I have time!  This post is mostly going to be about Japanese websites, but I’ll throw in the few English websites I know about first. English websites Mangabox — This is the newest free manga websites.  As of now it hosts manga from Kodansha JP (not the same as Kodansha USA). New titles and chapters are available multiple times a week.  The translation quality is generally good.  The title that are available now are shounen and seinen. Here are the … Continue reading Where to read manga online LEGALLY

Manga Updates Link Removal Update

If you’re following the matter, MU posted an update on the group link removal issue: LINK. I guess it is a legit complaint.  I don’t know enough about copyright law to say whether what happened was valid or not, but it’s clear to me the link removal request only benefited the manga aggregators. It’s is clear that the publishing organization that made the DMCA complaint does not understand the manga scanlation world, and as a consequence drove eyeballs to to the entities that they are trying to curb.  Not that any of this is going to help. Honestly, publishers need … Continue reading Manga Updates Link Removal Update

Happy Valentine’s Day

Cute Red Panda says, “happy Valentine’s Day everyone!” Viz unleashed some wonderful news for us shoujo and josei lovers today.  They have licensed four series near and dear to a lot of our hearts.  The series are: “Yoroshiku Master” which they are localizing to “Sweet Rein” “Seiyuu-ka!!” which they are localizing to “Voice Over!” “The Midnight Secretary” “Hapi Mari?!” which they are localizing to “Happy Marriage?!” Here’s link to the official Shojo Beat announcement on Facebook (LINK) and some additional information on the series from ANN (LINK) Let’s give Shojo Beat our support by purchasing these books so we can … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

Real Numbers on Sales of Manga in the US

The weekly ranking for manga sales in the US were posted on ANN today. If you think people in the US buy manga, think again, because these number are sad. BookScan Manga Ranking for May 28 – June 3 (Note: These numbers reflect sales at certain brick and mortar bookstores. They do not take into account online sales or sales at non-bookstores.  I have no idea how much the total market BookScan actually takes into account.) Let’s do a quick comparison between the US and Japan.  The latest volume of Bleach sold 507 copies in its first week of release … Continue reading Real Numbers on Sales of Manga in the US

Basic SOPA and PIPA Legislation Information

I didn’t want to take down this blog on strike day because I’m not sure I could properly restore it.  But, I felt that you all, as folks who depend on the Internet, should know some basic information about SOPA and PIPA, pending legislation in the US that is intended protect US intellectual property from online piracy. I think the best jumping off point for more information is Wikipedia: SOPA information PIPA information Google Statement The Obama Administration Press Release If I’m not mistaken, SOPA has been pulled, but a vote on PIPA is expected soon.My opinion:  We already have … Continue reading Basic SOPA and PIPA Legislation Information