Sick and Swamped

I’ve come down with some rotten cold or flu …ugh… so tired and my thoughts are kinda dull. I’ve also have a final project for Flash II due on Wednesday. I’m struggling through the sick induced mind fog to do my project … Anyhow, after this class, I will take a break from education for a month or so (unless, by some miracle I get a job) so I can get back to translating, doing some personal web projects and cleaning the wreckage that is my house. I think I’ve exhausted my mental energy on this little blog entry … so sleepy … I want to finish Ouran 71 … Anyhow, I’m looking into other series to translate. There are a few new series in Hana to Yume and some long neglected series. I’m thinking it may be best to stick with ZHD, Arakure, and some one-shots until I finish up Arakure. I also managed to get all of Nosatsu Junkie in Japanese — but it looks like it’s being translated at a decent pace. Ugh … sleepy …

OH! I did manage to translate another page of Ouran 71 — while talking with Kyoya, Haruhi wonders why Hani and Mori aren’t busy with getting ready for entry into university …

2 thoughts on “Sick and Swamped

  1. Yeah, me too… I can't wait for Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen!

    Oh dear, Tamaki is out of control!! Hey, get a hold of yourself!!

    Can't wait to see Ouran too~ Have you read Kaichou wa Maid-sama! ? KisuHaya is going on a weird direction (I have the latest issue in my hand and I find it weird completely)

    Get well soon!

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