Still working on Ouran 71, But what’s going on so Far

I’m getting slowed down by a class project, sorry. I translated 2 more pages last night. The story is set around Mori and Hani’s last host club day before they graduate. Basically Tamaki is taking Mori and Hani’s graduation badly and is a blubbering crying mess. Haruhi isn’t affected by their graduation because she knows she can still stay in connection with them. (Kyouya isn’t showing any emotion either and coolly accepts that the club isn’t going to make any $$$ this day.) Haruhi is, though, affected by Tamaki’s tears and she tries to touch him to console him. So far her attempts have been unwittingly thwarted by various minor characters. After each attempt Haruhi looks at her hand like it’s out of control.

More to come …

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