Showgate Going After People for Sharing "Canaan"

Showgate is sending nasty-grams to individual who are downloading the series “Canaan” via BitTorrent. I have no clue how to watch the show otherwise and it seems that Showgate doesn’t mind leaving money on the table by not serving its potential audience. Anyhow, I hope they get a clue soon and work with some of the fansub groups to get series out to the US simultaneously with Japan so we all can have a legal win-win-win situation (like Crunchyroll).

As for “Canaan”, I guess I’ll skip it since I can only watch up to episode 3. Since I won’t have any clue as to what this show is about, I imagine Showgate will not be seeing any money from me via purchase or rental, because by the time it comes out in the US (along with some terrible English voice acting), I will have forgotten about the series. I since I will not see the series, I will not be blogging about it and spreading the positive word to my many 1000’s of readers about this series. This is what happens when companies unleash “hate” upon current and potential customers and influencers. This is also what happens to companies that do not know how to work the Internet. I really hate to see Showgate leave so much money on the table due to their own ignorance and arrogance. It’s definitely not the way to run a business. If you want to beat piracy you have to join them and then offer a better experience to customers. Threatening potential customers only leads to backlash.

3 thoughts on “Showgate Going After People for Sharing "Canaan"

  1. This is my first time hearing about it. I only downloaded the first episode so far and it was okay. Anyways, this news is sad really. Whoever the American company that will license this anime, I hope they provide online views of all the episodes. Until then Showgate won't be seeing my money any time soon. I only buy anime purchases if I had seen the entire series.

  2. I am the same way. Anime DVDs cost too much to buy without knowing whether you like the entire series. I agree that Showgate is shooting themselves then foot with this kind of business strategy.

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