Ouran 74 is out in Lala 10

08/25/2009 Update: I have only 7 more pages to edit and then proofing. I also have a couple of bubbles with iffy translations that I want to ruminate on some more. Anyhow, the editing is taking longer than usual because there are a lot of sounds, especially the dogs!!! OMG!!! I’m getting a real Photoshop workout! On almost every page I had to repair the artwork around some hiragana/katana that I replaced with English! Anyhow, it should be out tomorrow afternoon (PST — Los Angeles Time), barring no surprises…

I have Lala 10 and have completed scanning Ouran 74. There does not appear to be anything really cute that I must share up front, so I will only put out this teaser until I’m done with the scanlation:

There’s lots of dense dialogue and more of Bisco Hatori’s chicken-scratch kanji in this chapter so it make take me longer to put this one out than the last. My current estimate is 7 – 9-days. If you must see a running summary, look at the Twitter feed on the right side panel of this blog or here (http://twitter.com/Omarissister) (please do not follow me unless you feel you must. I will most likely block you).

10 thoughts on “Ouran 74 is out in Lala 10

  1. This has no relation to Ouran but . . . Ouran's in Lala magazine, right? And Seishun Kouryakuhon (a manga I'm pretty desperate to see), is also in that magazine . . . so . . . uuumm . . . is it okay to ask for scans from that series? *_*


    In exchange, maybe I can help you out in scanlating? So that you don't have to do everything by yourself on what you're scanlating ^^; (I can't translate though . . . )

  2. @Sapphire Pyro — no luck with Aerandria? Let me see if I can find the other other chapter/s (I think I saw a chapter in Lala 10/2009). I will look it over to see if I like it. I also like the other series, “Red Haired Snow White”

    What help are you thinking of providing? To be honest, once the translation is done, the rest of the work is downhill because I'm fairly skilled at Photoshop. The translation is usually the gating task for me.

    Anyhow, I'm thinking of doing a one time La Corda scan for chp 60 because I'm tired of waiting … after that, my plan was to get back to Arakure while waiting for the next chapters of ZHD and Ouran to come out.

  3. @Omari's Sister
    It's in Aerandria's database but I don't see (or at least didn't notice) it in their list of projects (in future, pending, and upcoming).

    I love Red Haired Snow White a lot so I got really really curious on Akizuki Sorata's work xD From the mangaka's site, I saw that Seishun Kouryakuhon had been released in the March and July issues of Lala~

    Ah, so the translation is the hard part for you. Would love to help on that . . . if only I can ;_; The only stuff I could do in scanlating are the photoshop parts and . . proofreading/checking I guess. I'm sorry if I couldn't offer help on what's troubling you the most ;_; My Japanese is mediocre ;_;

  4. @Sapphire Pyro — I took a look Seishun Kouryakuhon and it's a too “slice of lifey” for me. I imagine this is why there isn't a group scanlating it. If I could translate Japanese quickly, I would take your request since it's an infrequent series, but until I get better at Japanese, I would rather struggle through series I'm highly interested in. Sorry 😦

  5. @Omari's Sister
    I'm not really a slice of life person, but I'm a fan of Akizuki Sorata's works so I wanted to see Seishun Kouryakuhon very much *_*

    Ah, it's okay if you don't translate it. I don't want to force you in translating what you're not very interested in.

    But . . . is it okay if you could share the scans of it? I'll be satisfied with those xD Please? Ehehehe ^^;

    Sorry if I'm asking too much ^^; *desperate*

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