Arakure Chp 45 Translation

Here is “Arakure” Chp 45.  This concludes the story arc about Rakuto and his father.  I think this chapter, although good,  is unnecessarily long … but I guess, the mangaka had to come up with 30-pages of something.  Anyhow, here’s the link:

Link to Arakure Chp 45

The next chapter begins a new story arc.  Rakuto finally uses his “Anything” coupon and Azuma stumbles onto Rakuto’s secret connection to Sachie … look forward to it!

3 thoughts on “Arakure Chp 45 Translation

  1. Thanks for the new release!! XD
    Can i ask if you are going to do v6-7, cause i cant find them… Sorry if you have answered this question one too many times!

  2. @athina — Volumes 6 and 7 are out in English from Viz. Please support the author and purchase the manga. If you are outside of the US, you can always order the manga through either the US Amazon website (or through your own country's localized Amazon website). I will be pulling Volume 8 from my blog when it come out on October 6th from Viz. Again, if you enjoy this series, then please support the artist and purchase the available manga.

  3. Oh thanks! Well i do live outside the US, so it's a matter of expenses and time but i do ones they are shiped over here(which will be like months after they have been released in the states…)! It really is a great manga!

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