I have Ouran chp 75

Update 10/25/2009:  The Ouran Chp 75 scanlation is almost done. It still needs proofreading, but I will put a rough draft out tomorrow (Monday 10/26) morning and post the final scanlation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I have Ouran Chp 75.  Somebody has already posted a low quality raw, so I will not show any spoilers.  I’ll just say this chapter sucks because it is a real a downer.  I hope to be done with the scanlation by Wednesday.

I will summarize the chapter on Twitter as I go.  My twitter feed is in the right side bar of this blog, so please don’t follow me as I will most likely block you.

Oh! And 2-pages of the 37 are the color title splash :(.

7 thoughts on “I have Ouran chp 75

  1. Well, I was hoping for a “happier” outcome and not so much unhappy “drama.” Tama and Haru express a lot of frustration. It too SAD :(. I like happy manga. To be honest, I'd rather be finishing up Arakure 50 because it's making happy progress.

  2. *sigh* More drama… -_- I thought this was a Romance/COMEDY not a Romance/ DRAMA. :/ Hopefully next month's chapter will be better, but then again, it might be a continuation of this dramatic chapter… then the month after next month better be funny! 🙂 I WANNA be HAPPY and not SAD! 😦

  3. Oh, I guarantee that it's about as sad as it can get, without someone actually dying. It's definitely a pivotal chapter. It's too bad, though, that the situation had to get as messy as it does. There isn't much humor and, to be honest, I like Ouran best when it's really funny or very sweet. Hopefully, next chapter pulls out of this funk and gets to some humor or sweetness or maybe Haruhi can bit– slap Tamaki's grandmother for interfering in her life.

  4. I expect a, “Stop meddling in our lives Granny! We're not Anne-Sophie and Yuzuru!” coming up.

    Thanks for translating and posting up the summary.

  5. @ Omari's Sister
    Now that I've seen it. It was sad indeed. Guuuh . . . why does shoujo always have to add angst even if it's a comedy =_=

    Crying Tamaki made me laugh a lot though xD Bwaahhaha

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