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Update (11/08/2009):  With 2-days left, it looks like “Ultimate Venus” is pulling ahead. However, after taking a second look at the series, I think the content may not be appropriate for a general audience, so I’ve decided that I cannot go forward with scanlating this series on this blog.  This leaves me with a the selections that are tied for 2nd and some suggestions from other folks.  In light of this, I will do a second round of polling and apologize to those folks who voted for “Ultimate Venus.”

Update (11/05/2009):  It looks like there’s a 3-way tie so far … that’s not very helpful.  I didn’t expect any support for “Ultimate Venus.”   I’ve taken a peek at Ultimate Venus up through Volume 8. Heheheh … you won’t be disappointed with that one … but I was hoping something “sweeter” would emerge.  There are still 5 days to go, so hopefully a clear winning will reveal itself.

“Arakure” is rapidly coming to end and I need to decide what my next project will be.  Please use the poll on the top right corner of this blog to express your opinion.  I have made it such that you can choose more than one manga.  If you have another suggestion not on the list, please write it as a comment to this blog entry.

19 thoughts on “Help Me Choose my Next Project

  1. I like that one too. I think there is already a team keeping up to speed with that one. Additionally, I don't get Margaret Magazine, so I have no access to the raws. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  2. I really like these manga:
    FIVE by Furukawa Shiori,
    Urashima Ryuuguu Emaki by Noriko Ootani,
    Arisa by ANDOU Natsumi.
    If you could scan anyone of these i would be really greatful!!!

  3. “Arisa”, “FIVE,” and “Urashima Ryuuguu Emaki” not in the magazines I buy. Also it looks like there are groups that are regularly translating these series (check Baka-Updates for status). I buy Lala, Lala DX, Hana to Yume, Bestuhana, Besucomi, and Asuka (occasionally). The entirety of the VB Rose series should be arriving in a couple of weeks (I have the last few chapters in the actual Hana to Yuma magazine. There's a really nice poster from the end … *spoiler* yes, they have a wonderful wedding!) Anyhow, check the series via Baka-Updates to see what magazine it's in before making suggestions.

  4. Hello~
    What about Faster than a Kiss? I don't know what's happening with that series.. I think it's stopped being scanlated by Kumquat scans.. then some one else picked it up for one chapter.. but they don't have a site.. and I haven't heard anything from them.
    Maybe you can pick up where they left off?
    I'm not sure which magazine FTAK is from though..

  5. Probably disregard my suggestion. I just found where FTAK was coming from. She has a twitter – updating now and then, letting the fans know when the next releases will happen.

    Unless you want to do a joint with her?

    Other than that, I don't know any other mangas to suggest to you 😀

    Keep up the great work anyway. Really appreciate the releases (o^_^o)

  6. Then what about these projects:
    Yoroshiku Master by TSUKUBA Sakura
    Kin'iro no Corda by Yuki Kure
    Lovesick by Satoshi Morie
    Hyakujuu Kingdom by TAKAGI Shigeyoshi
    Love Sick by MORIE Satoshi.
    I know these are a lot but you only have to pick as much as you want.

  7. “Yoroshiku Master” is very sweet :). I like that one too. I haven't checked on it lately because I thought it was just a Christmas-thing. I haven't seen any new chapters in Lala DX for over a year.

    I read La Corde d'Oro occasionally and it's going no where (it's about the most stagnant manga series EVER). For the past two chapters, they keep hinting that something has changed with Tsukimori's departure date. That new guys told Tsuchiura he was going to ask Hino out. Meanwhile, Hino is as clueless as EVER …

    There's not much out about “Hyakujuu Kingdom” so I'll give the first chapter a read.

    “Lovesick” is in Margarent magazine :(.

  8. I like V.B Rose as well but there is no point in scaninig it from vol 7 when the scan i found on mangafox stoped at chapter 3 and for some reason skipped to chapter 6.And you can find the raws on

  9. @wildbunny111 — when I scanlate any manga series, I start from the point where the currently published manga ends. My intention is catch people up, not to fill people in or provide chapters from series that are already translated by publishers for free. If readers like the series and are true fans, then they will buy the series to fill in the holes and support the artist.

    I understand there are countries in which manga is not available and there are readers who don't have the means to buy manga. However, I have my limitations and, therefore, I cannot serve everyone. I, also, believe this is an opportunity for publishers put manga out digitally for a hungry world audience. My hope is that my work helps to bring some awareness to the artists and the publishers of the market they are missing, so organizations with the means, can make manga more accessible online.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions :). You've brought some good series to my attention :).

  10. @D-A: I got your comment, but for some reason, it's not showing up :(. “Love Attack” started out well, but went astray in volume 5, so I quit reading series. As for Tokyo Pop, I've read that they are re-negotiating many of their licenses or other publishers are picking up the licenses. Let's see what happens. Though it is a good suggestion, it isn't high on my list of manga series I'm dying to read.

  11. I know I recommended some titles randomly on different posts so I'll just put them into a list here.

    *Berry Berry – Banri Hidaka
    *Akatsuki no Yona – Mizuho Kusanagi
    *Tadaima no Uta – Yuuki Fujimoto
    *Folktale no Tonakai – Touko Mizuno (one-shot)

    Double checked, all the series mentioned are not scanlated by any groups or people ^^;

    Well, Berry Berry is such a cute series! I really want to read that, plus its about twins ^_~

    I read Tadaima no Uta in Japanese with some help once before, it's adorable. Himawari wore her apron to school by accident. LOL

    If you're still getting BetsuHana, Glass Mask is something I would really look forward to. The scanlation group is now only up to volume 29.

    About Akatsuki no Yona, I haven't read it before, but it seems to be interesting… As for Gakuen Babysitters, I wonder what Tokeino-sensei has in mind for this new series.

    Finally, Mizuno's Folktale no Tonakai. I heard it's a fantasy mystery romance. 3 favourite genres all in one 🙂

  12. @Mariko: Thanks for all the great suggestions! “Gakuen Babysitters” chp 1 just came out and can be found in the usual places. It's cute, but it seems to me that it would have been good as a one-shot and not a series. I don't think the folks that scanlated the first chapter are going to actually take on the series. The first chapter didn't hook me either, so I don't think that's a series I want to take on.

    I will take a look at the other series you have suggested.

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