Arakure Chp 53 Translation

Here’s Arakure Chp 53.  And with this chapter we come to the end of the very short Kyoto arc.  In this chapter Sachie shows her resolve.  I like this chapter a lot because it shows when two people are in love, they will do whatever it takes to be together.  Love doesn’t always have to be a sacrifice or painful.

Link to Chp 53 (11/13/2009 version 2)

I’m going to take a little break to take a look at some of the options for my next project.  I figured the best thing to do is to translate and post the first few pages of each series so you guys and I can get a feel for the series.  After that, only 3 more chapters of Arakure remain.  The next chapter has the “pay-off.”  It’s very romantic scene, which makes me wonder whether I should really take a break …

Oh! and for those of you interested in some of the points of interests in the Kyoto arc, here are some links with information and lots of photos of the real thing!

Yasui Konpira Temple

[The rock plastered with paper slips – © Ad Blankestijn]

The Kamogawa (River)

Courtesy of  Wikipaedia

The Kyomizu Temple

Courtesy of Wikipaedia

8 thoughts on “Arakure Chp 53 Translation

  1. I have the raws, but those volumes are are ready out in English by the license holder Viz, so I see no reason to do another translation. You can buy Volumes 1 – 8 either in a bookstore or online. But the manga to help support the artist so they can continue to put out great manga for us to enjoy!

  2. @michi_misu: I'm an out of work Engineer, what else have I got to do all day after I've seen the only 3 engineering job posted for the day …

    Heheh…actually, this is my nature. I'm CRAZY productive :). I've got a good system going that allows me crank out scanlations in a few days. I really helps that I can do the whole process myself.

  3. wow thank you for the fast translation! i really appreciate your translations ^^ Oh an i have a quick question…where do you buy your manga magazines like lala or and raw manga volumes? i live in southern california also and i was wondering if you bought yours at stores

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