Ouran Chp 76 Translation

Update (11/29/2009):  Prompted by a comment on Mangafox, I took another look at the original Japanese on pg 27.   I originally translated Tamaki’s intent as him wanting to understand his grandmother.  However, after consulting a grammar reference, I see it’s the other way around.  He wants to be acknowledged by his grandmother so she can understand his point of view.  Consequently, I have re-translated page 27 and updated the file to version 1.  Sorry for the error, but I’m grateful to have had it pointed out :).  It helps a lot to improves my skills.
I’m sorry to report the thunderstorm romance was not meant to be.  But it’s all right because this chapter shows just how wonderful Haruhi is.  Anyhow, this was a very difficult chapter to translate, and I’m sure I got a thing or two wrong, but I hope I captured the spirit of events.  Here’s version 0.  If the proofreaders find any errors, there will be a version 1 tomorrow or Tuesday.

Link to Ouran High School Host Club Chp 76 (Retired)(11/29/2009: version 1 — I re-translated pg 27.   No edits from Pyro.
Update -12/25/2009: Corrected the spelling of one of the dogs Bunshichi –> Punshichi

Enjoy! I will finish up Arakure Chp 55 hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow or Tuesday.

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