Hana to Yume 2010 Calendar Wallpaper

I’ve turned the 2010 Calendar that came in the January 5th 2010 issue of Hana to Yuma magazine into lovely 1600×1200 pixel wallpaper for your laptop or PC desktop.
The calendar itself self is actually a good sized wall calender, so if you want one for yourself, go spend the $4 – $6 to get a copy of the first issue of the 2010 Hana to Yume magazine at your local Japanese bookstore.  For those of you in the US that aren’t near a Japanese bookstore, try Akadot.  They should have the magazine in stock in a week or two and it’ll run you about $14 after shipping (I recommend USPS Priority Mail — it’ll get it to you in 2-business days for a nice price) and sales tax.

5 thoughts on “Hana to Yume 2010 Calendar Wallpaper

  1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. BTW, have you read Hoshi Wa Utau? Just wondering because I think it's amazing! Sadly, I've only read the English scans and no one has been translating it for a while. =(

  2. @crazeemohfoh: Yes I read “Hoshi wa Utau” and I've noticed that it hasn't been updated in a while. It's kinda slow and slice-of-lifey, so perhaps the scanlation group got bored with it??? I don't know.

  3. @chicka-chin: Yes, you may post a link to this post to your blog. Please make sure you link to the POST rather than the link to the file.

    Your blog is also very good! I've added a link to yours in my blog list.

    Thanks for leaving a comment :).

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