Orange Chocolate Chapter 3

Here’s “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 3.

Here’s some video and information for those of you who are curious about onnagata and some of the dance pieces referred to in this chapter.
Videos and images

Onnagata and Kabuki

Also, if you like Orange Chocolate, you should give “Backstage Prince” by Sakurakouji Kanoko (also writes “Black Bird”) a read.  It’s a short but sweet 2 volume series about another young man who’s a kabuki star.  The female main character, Akari,  in “Backstage Prince” seems to be the prototype for Black Bird’s Misao.

4 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chapter 3

  1. Thank you for chapter 03! I'd like to think that what Ritsu's desire the most is Chiro but then, I think it's really to be the best dancer by studying Chiro.

  2. @Sblossoms: I think he wants both. I think he just started to come to realization about Chiro in this chapter. I think after getting encouragement from Shizuka, Ritsu steeled his resolve about both dance and Chiro. I think that's why he showed up at her door. I think the problem is moving beyond being childhood friends and growing up together like siblings. That's the impression I have now. I could be wrong though.

    What's on my mind now is how Ritsu's Dad feels about Chiro. Is she just someone for Ritsu to study or does Ritsu's take her seriously? I also wonder will the story get around to whether Chiro learns to dance with her own body? I think in the end, both main characters need to come to a place where they accept and love themselves rather than envying one another.

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