Orange Chocolate Chapter 21: Sports Festival Arc Pt. 1

I am only the messenger, so please don’t jump on me about this arc of the story because I already feel bad enough.  Yes, it’s a dreaded three chapter story arc about a sports festival and it comes complete with a cavalry battle. Nevermind the the hints that Ritsu could hit “the wall” due to exhaustion.  Nevermind that Ritsu can’t repeat Chiro’s dance performance.  Nevermind Chiro’s sudden fame…no, it’s time for a sports festival!  Let’s just get this over with: Links to Orange Chocolate chapter 21: (Zip) (PDF) Next up is the final chapter of “Kimi ni XOXO”! Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 21: Sports Festival Arc Pt. 1

Orange Chocolate Chapter 20

Finally, we come to the end of the whole “Alice in Wonderland” photo shoot arc, but unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the need for Hal.  Hal seriously bugs me, but I guess that’s his duty.  Most of this chapter is fan service with a nice pair of surprises from Ritsu.  Chiro, though, finally asks a rather important question — why does Ritsu have to be an onnagata?  Yeah, it’s traditional, but Ritsu actually seems to enjoy it. Links to “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 20:  (Zip) (PDF) The next four chapters of Orange Chocolate is an arc about the school’s sport’s … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 20

Orange Chocolate Chapters 18 and 19

First of all, I want to apologize to all the “Orange Chocolate” fans for the long delay since chapter 17.  From now on, there will be at least one chapter of “Orange Chocolate” released each month (unless the we’re caught up and the mangaka takes a break).  And now here are chapters 18 and 19 of Orange Chocolate.  Finally, we’re getting back to the main story.  I think chapter 19 is a beautiful little gem of a chapter and probably my favorite chapter of this series so far. Links to “Orange Chocolate” chapter 18:  (Zip) (PDF)Links to “Orange Chocolate” chapter … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapters 18 and 19

Orange Chocolate Chapter 17

The Ouran raw delay gave me time to finish “Orange Chocolate” chapter 17. Looking forward, it seems that the whole body-swapping gimmick has been dropped  or forgotten.  We’ll have to see where this goes, but it seems after the next two chapters, “Orange Chocolate” degenerates into a typical high school comedy romance complete with a pointless love-triangle and what appears to a sports festival starting in chapter 21 (???)– UGH-WTH!!!.  This is truly disappointing to me and stinks of the mangaka losing control of the story :(.  Hopefully, this is an indication that things are wrapping up soon before the … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 17

Orange Chocolate Chapter 16

Here is “Orange Chocolate” chapter 16! I want to give a special thanks to our newest proofreader, Holanio. Not much progress is made in this chapter but the second half of the chapter contains some gorgeous artwork. Link to “Orange Chocolate” Chp 16 (Zip) (PDF) Due to the “Ouran High School Host” chapter 82 delay, I will release the “Seirei Produce” volume 1 omake early.  It’s only 8 pages, so it should be ready by tomorrow evening.  It features Gojou and Amane when they were children in heaven. It’s super cute!  Here’s preview: After Ouran, the “Junketsu + Kareshi” and … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 16

Orange Chocolate Chp 15

I thought my eyes were going to melt out of their sockets while editing this.  I caught one of those irritating summer colds that starts with burning eyes.  Tears were streaming down my face as a I chased dots.  This chapter was particularly nasty in terms of the backside bleed through problem…ugh!!!  Here’s a minor translator’s note: Here’s an example of “forest friends” to keep in mind as you get toward the end of this chapter (image used solely for educational purposes!): And now the link — Link to Orange Chocolate Chp 15 This chapter gives us yet a little … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chp 15

Orange Chocolate Chp 14 + Wallpaper!

Rejoice!  Sephyna has made “Orange Chocolate” fans a lovely wallpaper for this release! Thanks Sephyna! Here’s “Orange Chocolate” chapter 14.  This is the lead-in to a new story arc and the introduction of some new characters. Link to “Orange Chocolate” chapter 14 (wallpaper included!) Chapter 15 and 16 are really fun and have some wonderful illustrations.  I can’t wait to bring those chapters to you.  Next up is “Kimi ni XOXO” chapter 2.  So far the chapter is good and I think I will be sticking with this series. Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chp 14 + Wallpaper!

Orange Chocolate Chapter 13

Here is “Orange Chocolate” chapter 13.  Just a note so you’ll be aware as you read this, the narrator changes to Ritsu towards the end of the chapter (pg 37-ish).  It’s hard to convey this in English since English has no male or female version of “I.”  Anyhow, this chapter starts to give us insight into Ritsu thinking and into Chiro’s seemingly surprising confession.  Link: Orange Chocolate Chp 13 (update 5/31/2010 minor correction from Kuma-chan) Kimi no XOXO Update Update 5/31: Things have picked up quite a bit now that the fairy creature appeared.  The sweetness is quickly going away…yippee!!!!  … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 13