Coming Soon in March

Here’s what’s coming up in March:

  • Ouran High School Host Club chp 78 Omake (Currently editing, ETA  3/3) Done!
  • Hana Kimi Omakes
    • July 2008Done!
    • Sept 2008Done!
    • May 2009 — scanned
  • Orange Chocolate
    • chp 6Done!
    • chp 7 — Sent to proofreaders
  • Ouran High School Host Club Chp 79 — waiting for Lala 05/2010 release for raw (raw on 3/24, release ETA 4/1)
    • “Kaichou-san no Neko” Chp 1 — “The Class President’s Cat” (looking into it) — it’s a very cute and short series with 3 chapters and a one-shot (“Gakuran Ouji”).  I don’t particularly like cats, but the cat in this short series is ADORABLE!!! — Moved into April

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